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Carer’s Assessment

If you are a Carer, Carer’s Assessment Worker can help by talking with you about your caring situation. You can get help and advice about ways you may be supported.

Taking time to talk about your situation can help you to take stock and look at options which can assist you to continue to care if that is what you wish to do. There are many things available that can make a difference. Having information about these will allow you to consider what you want to happen for you in affected areas of your life.

You will always be in control of the way in which things progress and you can be assured that all discussions are confidential.

Carers Support

Carers Support

This is the core activity of Dochas to support carers.  We often meet in groups but also spend a lot of time with individual carers to provide a listening ear and practical support. You are not alone. We cover Mid Argyll, Kintyre and The Isles. You can check dates, times and locations for our groups from the diary on the first page. Current groups at the centre are weekly drop-in for carers, monthly drop-in for carers of people with Autism, Dementia Café and Carers Lunch.

“Time for Me”

This service offers carers ‘Time Out’ to do something for themselves. Having a break supports carers to continue caring allowing them some ‘Me Time’ knowing that their loved one is safe. Our service can provide some weekly support for a limited period of time. We can discuss individual options and needs with you to provide the quality time for you.  It can also enable you to have a break when you are waiting for a care package to be organised. You can have peace of mind knowing our staff can provide companionship at home for the person you care for.

Mid Argyll Circle of Friends

Everyone can feel lonely now and again. But as you get older and relatives move away, or you suffer a bereavement of a loved one, being at home on our own can be especially difficult. Health problems or other circumstances can make it hard to get out and about, in touch with people, or form new friendships. If this happens it can then be difficult to tell others that you are feeling lonely.

Who is eligible? Anyone, including carers,  living in Mid Argyll, over the age of 65 and who feels isolated and lonely can have a befriender.  We can also help those with dementia who are under the age of 65.  

We will take referrals from any agency or person.  If you know of someone who would benefit from the involvement of a befriender, please contact us.

The Dochas Centre is well aware that there are many carers living in remote and rural areas who do not know where to find the information and guidance they need to support them in their role as a carer.  

Dochas hosts support groups around Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the islands of Islay and Jura where carers meet together to talk over their problems and solutions, relax for an hour or two and know that they are not alone in going through the changes that being a carer brings. It is comfort to be with people who understand and also provide not only emotional support, but also they learn from one another and find friendship and practical support. Many of our carers make friends through our groups whom they meet and phone when they need to talk.

Connecting music, people and memories is the idea developed for people with dementia. Being able to respond to music is the one thing dementia cannot destroy. We are working with a new charity called Playlist for Life to provide the service to families in Mid Argyll. There is mounting evidence that if people with dementia are offered frequent access to the music in which their past experience and memories are embedded, it can



Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in this service. Unused or unwanted iPods or mp3 players can be donated to us. We can give them away to those who need but cannot afford. For more information please visit